Psychology and education insiders answer frequently asked questions from prospective students.

Can You Become a Psychologist Without a Bachelor's in Psychology?

Yes, you can definitely become a psychologist without a psychology bachelor's degree. This article will explain how.

The path to becoming a licensed psychologist in the U.S. without a psychology bachelor's is less straightforward but achievable. Let's outline the basic steps.

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Can You Get an MSW with a Bachelor's in Psychology?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes! Let’s dig a little deeper.

Starting a career in social work with a Bachelor's in Psychology is not only feasible but advantageous. Psychology undergraduates have a solid understanding of human behavior and mental processes, which aligns excellently with social work.

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Is a Bachelor's in Psychology Worth It?

The short answer is: it depends.

To determine the value of a psychology bachelor's degree, you must consider various factors, including your career aspirations, the versatility of the program, graduate study opportunities, and your interests and motivations.

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