Psychology Bachelor's Degree Careers

A deep dive into the jobs you can get with BS or BA in psychology.

Psychology Bachelors Careers

If you've recently completed - or are considering pursuing - a bachelor's program in psychology, you may be wondering what career opportunities await you. The good news is that there's a multitude of jobs for psychology bachelor degree graduates in just about every industry.

Due to their breadth of curriculum and high level of customization, psychology bachelor programs teach actionable skills that are in high demand across many fields. This article will explore some of the most popular jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. We'll break down the field of psychology bachelor jobs by category - including entry-level, Bachelor of Arts (BA) vs. Bachelor of Science (BS), government positions and high-paying jobs - and highlight some of the best jobs in each domain.

Entry-Level Psychology Jobs

for those just starting out in their career, there are a number of entry-level jobs you can land with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. These positions often involve working in assistant or junior roles in research, data analysis and human services. Other beginner psychology professionals work in community organizations, social service agencies and mental health clinics.

Entry-level jobs you can get with psychology bachelor's include:

Psychology Research Assistant

Psychology research assistants help a psychologist or research team conduct studies and experiments. This job involves data collection, data entry and analysis. Research assistants may work in academic, government or private research settings.
  • Salary: $32,118

Social Service Assistant

Social service assistants work with individuals and families to connect them with resources and support services such as housing, healthcare and career training. A psychology background will prove useful in identifying the needs and challenges of clients, and developing effective solutions to support their well-being.
  • Salary: $40,334

Mental Health Technician

MHTs assist patients with daily activities, monitor their behavior and progress, and administer medications. Mental health techs often work in hospitals, mental health facilities and psychiatric institutions.
  • Salary: $37,415

Human Resources Assistant

Human resources assistants help screen resumes, schedule interviews and onboard new hires. The knowledge gained in a psychology bachelor’s helps HR assistants manage employee relations, create a positive work environment, and understand employees' needs and motivations.
  • Salary: $45,063

BA in Psychology Jobs

Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in psychology feature a wide array of electives in the arts, business and humanities, opening up graduates to numerous career paths. BA in psychology jobs often involves working in fields like marketing, human services, and social work.

Jobs you can pursue with a BA in psychology include:

Marketing Research Analyst

Market research analysts collect and analyze data on consumer behavior, preferences and trends to help companies improve marketing strategies. Your Psych BA involves understanding human motivations and decision-making, which will be invaluable for creating effective marketing campaigns and developing strategies to target specific demographics.
  • Salary: $62,894

Human Resources Specialist

HR specialists are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring employees and managing their compensation and benefits. The understanding of human behavior gleaned from your BA in Psychology can help inform recruitment and hiring practices, as well as in developing employee training and development programs.
  • Salary: $62,544

Social Worker

With a BA in Psychology or Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) plus state licensing requirements you can begin a rewarding career as a social worker. Social workers provide counseling and support to help people overcome social and emotional challenges in their lives. Some high-level social work jobs require a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in addition to a bachelor's degree.
  • Salary: $65,088

BS in Psychology Jobs

Bachelor of Science (BS) in psychology degrees focus heavily on scientific research methods and statistics. Careers for BS psychology grads often include research positions, data analysis, or other roles in scientific or healthcare settings.

Jobs you can get with a Psychology Bachelor of Science include:

Behavioral Health Specialist

Behavioral health specialists work with individuals to address mental health and substance abuse issues. Earning a relevant degree like an addiction psychology bachelors is vital in this role as it allows the specialist to understand the complex nature of mental health disorders, and develop effective treatment plans to support clients’ goals.
  • Salary: $54,912

Psychology Research Coordinator

Psychology research coordinators manage and organize psychological research projects. These professionals assist with participant recruitment, data collection and analysis, and ensure that research protocols are followed. They may also assist with grant proposals and manuscript preparation.
  • Salary: $47,624

Crime Scene Investigator

A CSI is responsible for collecting and analyzing evidence from crime scenes. A bachelor of science in psychology with a targeted major such as forensic psychology provides a foundation in human behavior and can aid in identifying suspects, understanding witness statements, and interpreting evidence related to the mental state of the perpetrator.
  • Salary: $77,495

Rehabilitation Specialist

Rehab specialists work with people with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities to help them improve their quality of life and function independently. A BS in psychology is essential to this role as it provides knowledge of human behavior, cognition and motivation, which are crucial in understanding the challenges and strengths of individuals with disabilities.
  • Salary: $44,934

High Paying Jobs with a Psychology Bachelor’s

While salaries vary widely depending on the specific role and location, there are some lucrative careers available upon completing a psychology bachelor's degree. These positions often require additional training or certification - but not a doctorate like many other high-paying psychology roles - and can be very rewarding both financially and professionally.

High-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor's in psychology include:

Industrial Organizational Psychologist

IOPs work in corporations, government agencies or consulting firms. This job involves using psychology to improve worker efficiency and develop and implement employee training programs. In addition to psychology bachelors, most industrial organizational psychologist jobs require a master's degree.
  • Salary: $132,191

Market Research Director

These executives are responsible for conducting research studies to understand consumer behavior and attitudes towards products or services. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is essential to this role as it provides expertise in research methods, statistical analysis and human behavior that can help you develop effective market research strategies.
  • Salary: $190,791

School Psychologist

School psychologists work in educational settings to support students' academic, social and emotional development. They assess student needs, provide counseling services, and develop strategies to improve learning outcomes. In addition to a psychology bachelor’s, this position requires a master’s degree and state certification.
  • Salary: $80,691

Case Manager

Case managers support people with mental health issues, addiction problems or developmental disabilities. This job involves assessing clients’ needs, developing care plans, and coordinating interagency services to help them achieve their goals. Many case manager jobs can be had with a bachelor’s in psychology. However, the top-paying roles often require a master’s in social work, psychology, or a related field.
  • Salary: $90,477

Government Jobs with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology

Government jobs are a great option for psychology bachelor graduates who want to use their knowledge to serve the community. Many agencies value employees with a background in psychology, as they bring a human-focused perspective to their work. In addition to job security and good benefits, government jobs tend to offer a lot of opportunities for advancement and professional development. Whether you’re interested in working at the federal, state or local level, there are many government jobs that may align with your psychology education and interests.

Here are some government jobs you can get with a psychology bachelor's degree:

Veterans Affairs Specialist

VA specialists help military vets navigate benefits, services and programs offered by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Expertise gained in a psychology bachelor will come in handy here by helping you understand the mental health needs of veterans, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety, which can impact their ability to access and use VA services.
  • Salary: $63,247

Intelligence Analyst

These specialists collect and analyze data from various sources to identify patterns and trends that can drive smarter decision-making. A bachelor’s in psychology provides a strong foundation in research, critical thinking and human behavior, which can aid in interpreting data related to social and psychological factors that influence actions. Intelligence analysts often work in federal agencies like the FBI, CIA or NSA.
  • Salary: $79,201

Government Program Analyst

This job involves evaluating and analyzing governmental programs to ensure that they are efficient, effective, and achieving their stated goals. Program analysts work in various government agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Education.
  • Salary: $68,318

To sum up, psychology bachelor's degrees can unlock a variety of interesting and lucrative careers. BS and BA in psychology graduates can find employment in human resources, mental health, business and marketing, education, scientific research and more across the public and private sectors.

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