Can You Get an MSW with a Bachelor's in Psychology?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes! Let’s dig a little deeper.

Starting a career in social work with a Bachelor's in Psychology is not only feasible but advantageous. Psychology undergraduates have a solid understanding of human behavior and mental processes, which aligns excellently with social work.

Most Master of Social Work (MSW) programs take applicants from diverse academic backgrounds, including psychology. These programs often value the insight psychology graduates bring, especially in human development, scientific research, and mental health.

Other undergraduate degrees that transition well to a Master of Social Work program include sociology, political science, criminal justice, public health, and biology.

Prospective MSW students with a psychology background should anticipate coursework in social work ethics, practice methods, social welfare policies, and community engagement. Fieldwork is a critical component of an MSW and offers practical experience in social work settings.

To sum it up, a psychology bachelor’s degree is an excellent stepping stone towards earning an MSW. This pathway enhances career prospects and contributes significantly to the multidisciplinary nature of social services.

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