Top 5 Industrial-Organizational Psychology Bachelor's Online

A guide to the best I-O psychology bachelor's degrees in 2024.

Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is a rapidly growing field that examines the relationship between employees and their workplace. This timely discipline seeks to apply psychological principles to enhance productivity, improve work-life balance, boost morale, and promote organizational health. Obtaining a specialized bachelor's degree in I-O psychology is an ideal stepping stone into this lucrative field.

This page will highlight the top-ranked online bachelor's degrees in industrial-organizational psychology. We'll also explore the I-O psychology curriculum, the costs and benefits of this program, and potential career outcomes for graduates.

What makes our rankings valuable?

Most degree rankings rely heavily on National Center for Education Statistics data, measuring school-wide rates for student retention, graduation, acceptance, etc. The NCES has good data, and we use it too; however, we go further to analyze the current and future demand for the skills and credentials gained. We also list actual tuition costs and delve deep into value and flexibility to consider dual-degree, accelerated, and distance learning options.

The Best I-O Psychology Bachelor's Degrees Online
Rank School Program
1 SNHU B.S. in Business Administration + I-O Psychology Concentration
2 Purdue University Global Online Bachelor's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
3 LSU Online B.S. in Psychology + I-O Psychology Concentration
4 Eastern Kentucky University B.S. in General Psychology + Workplace Psychology Concentration
5 Florida Institute of Technology B.A. in Applied Psychology + Organizational Psychology Concentration

I-O Psychology Bachelor's Degree Curriculum

The curriculum for a bachelor's degree in industrial-organizational psychology covers various topics at the intersection of human and business optimization, including:

Workplace Psychology

This course provides an overview of how psychological principles apply to work settings. Lesson topics include employee motivation, job satisfaction, and the impact of the work environment on performance.

Organizational Behavior

Students in this class will explore how individuals, groups, and structures affect behavior within an organization. Course topics will include leadership, team dynamics, and organizational culture.

Personnel Selection and Assessment

This class addresses the methods and principles involved in choosing and evaluating employees. Students will learn about recruitment, interviewing, testing, and performance reviews.

Training and Development

This part of an I-O psychology bachelor’s program focuses on how organizations can effectively train and develop their employees for maximum performance and productivity.

Research Methods and Statistics

This training is critical to understanding and conducting research in I-O psychology. Students will learn experimental design, data analysis, and how to interpret findings.

Industrial Relations

This course delves into the relationship between employees, employers, and unions, covering topics like collective bargaining, labor law, and dispute resolution.

Leadership and Management

This training explores the predominant theories of leadership and management, focusing on the tools and best practices for motivating and leading effective teams.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

This module examines the value of diversity and strategies for promoting inclusivity, covering topics like discrimination, prejudice, and the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Organizational Development

In this part of an I-O psychology program, students learn strategies for improving organizational effectiveness and managing change. Popular sub-topics include team building, change management, and organizational learning.

Human Factors and Ergonomics

Explores how to design work environments that maximize efficiency and safety, covering topics like workplace design, human-machine interaction (HMI), and physical health.

Psychology of Motivation

This course examines the psychological factors that motivate behavior in the workplace, including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, goal setting, and effective reward systems.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution training focuses on practical skills for managing and resolving disputes in the workplace, including negotiation strategies and techniques to promote cooperation.

The Best Online Bachelor's in I-O Psychology

We selected the top industrial-organizational psychology programs based on numerous factors, including the current and projected relevance of the curriculum, school reputation, program features, flexibility, and overall value.

Here are our picks for the best I-O psychology bachelor’s you can attend online in 2024:

1. Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU’s B.S.B.A. with a concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology delves into the psychological theories of leadership and motivation, focusing on improving employee engagement and work environments. It's uniquely structured to be accessed by students pursuing either a B.S. in Business Administration or a B.A. in Psychology, allowing learners to tailor their education to their career goals while gaining valuable expertise in I-O psychology.

  • Format: Online or On-Campus
  • Tuition Cost: $39,600 (120 credits @ $330 per credit)
  • Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)

2. Purdue University Global

Purdue’s Online Bachelor's in I-O Psychology provides the skills to transform workplaces by merging psychological principles with evolving business needs. This expert-led program covers talent management, leadership, performance, and organizational effectiveness, enhanced with hands-on experience through optional internships.

  • Format: Online
  • Tuition Cost: $66,780 (180 credits @ $371 per credit)
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

3. Louisiana State University

LSU Online’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Concentration in I-O Psychology provides the skills to foster healthy and productive work environments. This program’s well-deigned curriculum integrates psychology, business, and interdisciplinary studies, focusing on applying psychological insights to vital business functions like talent motivation and leadership. Graduates are prepared for marketing, management, human resources, and sales careers or graduate industrial-organizational psychology programs.

  • Format: Online
  • Tuition Cost: $39,000 (120 credits @ $325 per credit)
  • Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

4. Eastern Kentucky University

EKU’s Online Psychology Bachelor’s with the Workplace Psychology Concentration examines the intersection of psychological theory and workplace procedures. This flexible online degree program can open doors to entry-level roles in business, marketing, human resources, and beyond. Graduates are also well-poised for graduate psychology degrees on the road to clinical or industrial-organizational psychology positions.

  • Format: Online
  • Tuition Cost: $52,080 (120 credits @ $434 per credit)
  • Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

5. Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Tech's Online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Organizational Psychology provides a comprehensive education in leadership, workplace culture, and employee behavior. This program teaches marketable skills in management, recruitment, training, organizational effectiveness, and the application and legalities of selection testing. Graduates are well-equipped for diverse labor relations and human resources roles and advanced studies in I-O psychology and organizational leadership.

  • Format: Online or On-Campus
  • Tuition Cost: $61,710 (121 credits @ $510 per credit)
  • Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor's in I-O Psychology

Undergraduate I-O psychology degrees can pave the way to numerous careers in business, human resources, consulting, training and development, talent acquisition, and organizational improvement. After earning a bachelor's in this field, most graduates extend their education with a master's or doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology, which opens up more specialized and lucrative roles, such as I-O psychologist.

Here are some popular jobs you can pursue with an I-O psychology bachelor's:

Employee Assistance Program Manager

This position involves designing and administering programs to support employee well-being and productivity. Duties include providing counseling services, implementing wellness initiatives, and coordinating support services. The usual education requirement is a bachelor's in general psychology, I-O psychology, or a related field.

Human Resources Specialist

HR Specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. HR pros may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and onboarding. HR jobs typically require a bachelor's degree in human resources, business, or psychology.

Training and Development Coordinator

These professionals organize programs to enhance employee expertise. This often includes designing, coordinating, and delivering training programs. A bachelor's in I-O psychology, business, social science, or a related field is typically required.

Organizational Consultant

Organizational consultants provide strategies and solutions to improve the structure, efficiency, and performance of an organization. This involves analyzing corporate structures, processes, and roles to suggest improvements. The standard degree requirement is a bachelor's or master’s in I-O psychology.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

This role involves identifying, attracting, and hiring top talent for an organization. TA specialists usually oversee the full recruitment cycle, from creating job descriptions to onboarding new hires. A bachelor's degree in human resources, I-O psychology, or a related field is required.

Employee Relations Manager

This role involves handling disputes between employees and management, interpreting labor or union agreements, and advising on conflict resolution. The typical education requirement for this role is a bachelor's in human resources, industrial-organizational psychology, or business administration.

Performance Improvement Manager

Responsibilities in this role include developing, implementing, and managing programs to improve organizational effectiveness and employee performance. A bachelor's degree in I-O psychology or a related field is the typical education requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is industrial-organizational psychology?

As the name suggests, I-O psychology is a blend of two distinct areas: industrial psychology and organizational psychology. The industrial element focuses on personnel issues, such as hiring and performance measurement, while organizational psychology centers around understanding group behavior in a work setting, e.g., team dynamics and leadership. These disciplines combine to form I-O Psychology, which aims to simultaneously enhance individual performance and organizational effectiveness.

What is the best online bachelor's degree in I-O psychology?

According to our analysis, Southern New Hampshire University's B.S.B.A. with an Industrial Organizational Psychology Concentration is the #1 online bachelor's degree in I-O psychology for 2024.

What's the most affordable online IO psychology bachelor's degree?

With a tuition price of $325 per credit, Louisiana State University's Online B.S. in Psychology with an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration is 2024's most affordable online bachelor's in I-O psychology. LSU's generous credit transfer policy of up to 75% of degree requirements can further help students reduce this program's tuition.


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